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Opal Segment Hoop

Opal Segment Hoop



This Opal Segment Hoop is a dazzling, timeless piece everyone should have in their piercing collection. With a bubbly appearance, starring an array of 14 teeny tiny colour bouncing opals, this hoop is too charming to pass by! Play it safe with titanium, not only is this piece a major cutie, it's also excellent for sensitive skin! 


Material: Titanium

Gemstone: simulated opals

Gauge: 16 G

Size of twinkle design: 10mm W + 1mm H





Titanium is valued for its hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion ensure it retains its color and integrity during everyday wear. These attributes make titanium an excellent choice for smaller piercing pieces that require comfort and long-term reliability.



Made for lovers of sparkle and colour, our gemstones have some real personality. These romantic faceted gemstones are available in a range of semi-precious stones which offer a different meaning to each wearer. 


More than just a pretty face, our gemstones are made from AAA grade stones that are carefully crafted and have a near-perfect clarity. All of our gemstones are set with prongs for longevity.


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