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Solo Gem Huggies

Solo Gem Huggies



Add a little sparkle into your collection with the Solo Gem Huggies! This stunner is perfect for the days when you just need something a little more. The Solo Gem Huggies can be worn alone or stacked with your favourite earrings to create a more elevated look. Pair this beauty with our Dreamy Gem Huggies, they're the perfect finishing touch! 


Material: 925 sterling silver with a rhodium plating for extra durability and shine

Gemstone: Cubic zirconia

Inner hoop diameter: 7.8mm

Hoop thickness: 1.5mm

Size of design: 3.8mm L x 3.8mm W x 3.8mm H



Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has some serious star power in the jewellery world. This versatile all-rounder is a metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% other materials. Rhodium plating gives our sterling silver the shine that keeps your everyday faves sparkling day to night while preserving their quality.



Made for lovers of sparkle and colour, our gemstones have some real personality. These romantic faceted semi precious stones offer a different meaning to each wearer. 

More than just a pretty face, our gemstones are made from AAA grade stones that are carefully crafted and have a near perfect clarity. All of our gemstones are set with prongs to ensure longevity.


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