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Rose Moonlight Bracelet

Rose Moonlight Bracelet



Elevate your style with our stunning Rose Moonlight Bracelet. This delicate piece combines the celestial charm of star accents with little rose droplets. Perfect for gifting or personal wear, it's a touch of celestial magic and cuteness on your wrist. 


Material: Rhodium-plated over brass

Gemstone: Cubic Zirconia

Length of chain: 16cm + 3cm

Link thickness: 1mm

Size of teardrops: 3.5mm W + 5.5mm H

Size of stars: 5.5mm W + 5.5mm H




Plated Brass 


We love our brass for its malleable and durable properties used to create some of our trendiest styles. To make sure your favourite styles last even longer, we plate our brass pieces with nickel & lead-free gold, rose gold or rhodium. Give your brass some extra care and it will love you back! Make sure to check out our care guide, as the plating will eventually fade with wear and tear.




Made for lovers of sparkle and colour, our gemstones have some real personality. These romantic faceted gemstones are available in a range of semi-precious stones which offer a different meaning to each wearer. 


More than just a pretty face, our gemstones are made from AAA grade stones that are carefully crafted and have a near-perfect clarity. All of our gemstones are set with pro

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